A redemption story of a woman embracing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue her dream of becoming an elite DJ and preventing her family life from collapsing around her.

Movie Information

Production: In Development

Genre: Drama

Release Date: TBD

Synopsis: Elizabeth, is an early thirties, single mom of a precocious twelve-year old daughter, Mhari, trying to realize her passion for music mixing as club DJ. When a chance meeting with a producer gives her the opportunity to break into the big time club scene, she makes the decision to pursue the opportunity. She enlists the help of Mhari’s estranged father and disapproving grandmother to care for Mhari while on tour. Thrust into the high-rolling, drug-infused world of international festivals and nightclubs, Elizabeth is forced to confront the conflict between realizing her dream and preventing her family life from collapsing.

Director:Marielle Gautier
Marielle Gautier is a French born writer/director whose feature film debut “Willy1er,” premiered at Cannes (2016). Prior to her feature film, Marielle directed several short films including “Ich bin eine tata” which screened in the official selection at the Brussels Film Festival (2015) as well as winning the Prix d’interprétation at the festival de Clermont-Ferrand (2015).

Cast: TBD


Artistic Statement

With this project we aim to combine the visually and audibly extravagant world of electronic dance music with a very real and emotional drama. We are looking for this film to have its own voice; its own unique interpretation of the EDM world through the eyes of our main character. As she remixes and cuts pieces of the world around her to fit her musical inspiration, we aim to do the same and remix her life into a compelling narrative. 

It is imperative for the telling of this story that we have a strong female voice in the director’s chair – someone who can push the cast to captivating performances but can also put a real audio-visual stamp on the film. As with any film where sound and music play such an important role in the story, the right editing tempo will be a big factor in telling this story the right way. We want a mix of high-strung, frantic club/festival life on one hand, and very real, human and personal moments on the other.

In the performers, we would be looking for a cast that can make our characters come across as real and grounded. We don’t want their stories to feel black or white; they will all have their flaws and weaknesses, which will guide some more than others.

Music will be a major part of this project, so we are looking to involve the best and brightest of the EDM scene to create a soundtrack that fans of this scene will want to add to their collection. 

Most of all, we want to make a film that portrays the EDM scene from a different perspective, giving a human face to the people behind the mix tables pushing the beats.

This film has huge commercial value and potential. It will have one of the largest built-in audiences, both domestically and internationally, as EDM has a hardcore fan following that are craving for a film to truly tap into their world. Also, today’s market wants more female lead films and “Middle-8” provides a dynamic opportunity with our lead character Elizabeth. We are confident that there are several high profile actresses that would be eager to play this role. 

Most of all, we want to make a film that portrays the EDM scene from a different perspective, giving a human face to the people behind the mix tables pushing the beats.

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